20 Birthday Cakes To Brighten Book Lover’s Day

Is your special one a book lover and you’re confused about what to give them for their birthday? The first things that must’ve crossed your mind would probably be a novel, a bookmark set, or a bookend. But don’t you think they’re pretty basic? I mean, if they’re hardcore book lovers, don’t you think almost everyone would be thinking of giving them similar things? I’m sure you would probably want something that stands out. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here. I’m going to share some Birthday Cakes to Brighten Book Lover’s Day that you can confidently give to a book lover on their birthday.

Being a book lover myself, I’ve always dreamt of receiving book-themed cakes for my birthday. I love them, but none of my friends bother gifting me one, so I get them for myself! Why give the key to our happiness to someone else. But if you’re not a book lover yourself and are looking for some exciting book-cake designs for gifting one of your reader friends, I’m more than ready to help you with it.

Book-themed cakes are one of the best gifts you can give a book-lover. They can make a book lover’s day, and if you’re considering giving it to someone for their birthday, don’t think twice and do it. You can customize the cake design yourself, and if you know a particular story, book, or novel that the receiver is a massive fan of, it’ll be like icing on the cake as you can get the cake customized according to it.

Now, without wasting any further time, let me show you some fantastic book cake designs which I like looking at and would want one that you can gift any book lover and make their day.

Here are some unique and awesome book cakes, with little side comments from my side.


You might be thinking that these cakes are a little small and insufficient for a birthday gift. Well, not if you’re giving a bunch of them. Get a few of them and place candles on each of them. It’ll look so pretty and adorable, believe me. Remember to get a different book cover made on each of the cakes.


This one’s if your friend likes to have some tea or coffee along with reading books. It looks too sophisticated and elegant that at first, the receiver might not even want to eat it! You can definitely go for this design, and you can even write your message on the cake, on the book part specifically, if you’re too shy to say it yourself!


This cake seems especially seems tasty to me. I feel like I would eat the entire thing alone, without even sharing with anyone. If we talk about the structure and design of this one, it very evidently is a jungle-themed book cake. I would interpret it as being ‘wild’ or maybe, being a nature or animal lover. Either way, it is totally likable.


Talking about anything related to books and not talking about Harry Potter seems like a crime to me. How will I face my fellow Potterheads? If your friend or whoever is receiving this cake is a Potterhead, don’t think twice and just go for this one. Trust me, it will make their day and it may be the most memorable gift for them.


This is obviously a theme for girls. I won’t say young girls specifically because I myself got a similar one for me and I ain’t a young girl. If the girl (or even boy) receiving this is imaginative and loves to live in her own fairytale world, this is just the right design for her. I don’t think I need to say more, its beauty speaks for itself.


No, you’re wrong. These are not some books placed on top of each other. This is actually a cake. The baker did a pretty good job here, as we can see. It seems so realistic. No one would believe at first that it is a cake, but it is! As for book lovers, obviously, they’re going to like it. They’re books after all.


I find this cake full of innocence. Just a simple theme with flowers, petals, and leaves. The top of the book says “The Book of Joy” as here, you might want to wish the other person joy but you can get whatever you want. It’s your gift after all. Make it as personal as possible, it’s the best.


This cake is not much decorative but still looks so cool and tasty. If your friend is a lover of the fantasy genre or maybe superhero comic books, gift him/her this one. This theme would look good only with fantasy themes, according to me. You can get it customized into similar fantasy characters.


This one is again for readers who like some snacks with their book but in a not-so-elegant way. This cake would need a little design and arrangement from your side too as you need to place the cookies accordingly, in a messy way, just like shown in the picture above.


This cake design is plain, with not much effort into the designing, yet it looks so cute and appetizing. If it was in front of me right now, I would finish it entirely, all by myself. If you feel like it, you can a few more stars added but if you ask me, it’s fine just this way only. You can write whatever you want on top of the book, of course.


This one legit seems like a toy clay house to me, but turns out it isn’t. It is actually a very creative and adorable book themed cake for your book lover friend. If I ever got this one, I think I would prefer to place it in the showcase than eat it, but would eventually eat it away anyway. The point is that this cake can definitely bring a smile on a book lover’s face.


This one is so great! It is not just a book but a whole library. This is exactly how a book lover’s dream library would look like. So basically, when you give this to a book lover, you’re basically giving them their dream. Trust me, it is completely edible but it seems so realistic, doesn’t it?


A simple, sober, and elegant cake design, I just love it. It is best suited for people who don’t like much flavory cakes. “Keeping it simple yet killing it” is the vibe I get after looking at it for a while. Of course, it would be better if you engrave the receiver’s favorite books’ name in it but if you don’t know about it, just look up for some really famous novels and that’ll do.


Decorated with different types of chocolated and macarons, this one is such eye-candy to look at. It is simply beautiful and looks to tasty. The book is open for you to put down a sweet message for the receiver, especially if you can’t say it directly. The one receiving this would be so overwhelmed, could even cry (if he/she is someone like me).


Again, this is not an actual book but a cake. I know it is as I did myself a similar one once. It’ll be so fun to watch the reachtion of the receiver as he/she would at first think that you’re gifting them a book but their reaction would be hilarious when you actually take out a piece of it and rub it on their face.


Don’t judge it to be a design meant for kids. I am not one and I would love to receive the exact similar cake. Every girl, at some point in her life, has been a fan of the disney princesses, hoping to be one. You can surely gift it to a young girl but also, if you give it to a young lady, it wouldn’t be awkward.


This has to be one of my favorite cake designs on the list. I mean, just look at it. Doesn’t it feel satisfying to look at it this way? Well, to me it does. I wouldn’t want to eat this one either. I would rather want to display it as a piece of decoration but as we know, cakes are for eating, not for decorating.


This one is a normal cake with a little decor of books, which also looks pretty cute if you look at it. On the ID card, you can get designed, a figure similar to the one of the receiver, along with his/her name and age. It would look original but as you know, the more creative the better.


This is the cake I was talking about, in the beginning. The one designed on the theme of a particular book. It is a peter pan based cake! Who, in the story world, doesn’t like peter pan and tinker bell? No one can deny this one. It’s completely adorable and very well decorated.


Along with the design, this cake is overall very well decorated and designed. I was just wondering how many flavors have been used in making this cake. If the reader likes reading bedtime stories, this one would be perfect. Even if not, it being book-shaped is enough to make a book lover’s day.


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