This Bookstore In Canada Is Full Of Cute Kittens And You Can Even Adopt Them

A Canadian bookstore has found an innovative way to find new homes for orphaned kittens in its community. Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia houses a bunch of furry friends among its shelves in the hopes that residents coming to pick up a few books may leave with a rescue cat, too.
Stepping into the store, you’re greeted by the sight of tiny balls of fur all over the place; chilling on the armchairs, napping among books, wrestling on the carpet, and staring at you with big inquisitive eyes. Who? Kittens. Tiny, furry, adorable little felines who’re waiting for their forever homes.

Ellen Helmke opened the secondhand bookstore in 2011. The shop offers a space for customers to drink coffee, unwind, and pick up a new book or two.

Visitors will discover that the bookstore has more to offer than just compelling reads and organic coffee.

Helmke said that she started fostering kittens at her bookstore in an effort to provide them with a temporary home until they could be adopted.

“It’s definitely been a benefit to me in terms of my quality of life and the success of my business,” Helmke said of having kittens roam around her store.

The cats are provided by the South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia (SPCA), a local rescue group.

But customers who have their hearts set on a particular cat are encouraged to act quickly, as Helmke says that they’re often in and out of the store within a couple of weeks.

Helmke says that 30 cats have been adopted from her bookstore since she started the foster program in May 2019.

Visitors planning a trip to see the kittens should call the store ahead of time to check that there are still some available for adoption.



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