Exquisite “Book Nooks” Create Magical Worlds That Live on Your Bookshelf

For people who love books, finding an interesting and fun way to display your collection can be a challenge. For this reason, “book nooks” have blossomed as a home decor trend. These handmade items are usually about the same width as one or two books and neatly fill space on a shelf with an artistic image. Etsy maker MieWorld crafts creative book nooks that look like small, beautiful scenes.

Inspired by architecture, history, and, of course, the beauty of stories, these diorama-like pieces stand out amongst book collections. MieWorld’s book nooks often feature one or more characters nestled in a realistic setting. These places range from ancient Egypt to a magical forest to a library in outer space.

No detail escapes MieWorld’s handiwork, as they include delicate architectural details, various plant life, and animals. The three-dimensional ambiance is brought to life by a light source that is applied somewhere in the background of the book nooks. In doing so, these dioramas are illuminated as scenes frozen in time.



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