21 Must-Haves for Creating Your Harry Potter-Inspired Nursery

16. Harry Potter Nursery Rug For Girls

Bring home the magic of the Wizarding World with your KC Cubs Harry Potter Décor Rug. Inspire your child to be curious, brave, and intelligent with this dynamic and bold Hermione Granger decor rug. With its vibrant colors and detailed illustration of Hermione, it’s sure to inspire imaginative play and a love of reading.

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17. Hogwarts Crest Lamp

The 35cm (13.8″) tall crest shaped light is decorated with the Hogwarts crest and can be free-standing or mounted to a wall. Turn the light on and off with the wand shaped remote control

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18. Platform 9 3/4 Lit Sign

Crafted to mimic a wall sign from Platform 9 ¾, this lamp offers a warm glow perfect for adding a soft accent to your room and hangs on an included molded black wall mount, so you can hook it or drill it into place wherever you need!

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19. Harry Potter Wall Decals

Applies to any smooth, clean, flat surface; product may not adhere to unclean, textured, recently painted, or nonstick surfaces

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20. Harry Potter Music Box

some say it’s TINY, the title says it’s MINI, it’s so small so that it easily fits in the palm of a child’s hand, the unit measures 2.5″ x 2.0″ x 1.75″, the size of the credit card you are holding in your hand!

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21. Decorative Mandrake

Add some magic to your home with this planter in the shape of a crying Mandrake plant from Harry’s Herbology class at Hogwarts

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