11 Best Summer Books to Put on Your Summer Reading List

As the summer breeze beckons, it’s time to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the season with a handpicked selection of twelve captivating books. From heartwarming romances to compelling mysteries, this summer reading list promises to be a delightful escape into the realms of imagination. Let these tales accompany you on lazy afternoons by the pool, serene moments at the beach, or any sunlit corner where you find solace in the pages of a good book. Get ready to embark on a literary journey filled with love, friendship, and the allure of unforgettable summer memories.

1-“Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune

– A poignant family drama that follows three sisters as they grapple with love, loss, and the secrets that bind them during their annual summer reunions.

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2-“The Edge of Summer” by Viola Shipman

– An emotionally uplifting story of friendship, love, and the healing power of a magical garden that brings together a group of individuals at a lakeside cottage.

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3-“Big Summer” by Jennifer Weiner

– A delightful and witty beach read that revolves around a social media influencer and her journey of self-discovery amidst the chaos of a high-profile wedding.

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4-“28 Summers” by Elin Hilderbrand

– A mesmerizing tale of love and long-lasting connections, as two individuals reunite for a romantic weekend on Nantucket every summer over the course of twenty-eight years.

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5-“Same Time Next Summer” by Annabel Monaghan

– A heartwarming story of friendship and life’s unexpected twists as three college friends reunite each year at a charming beach house.

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6-“Summer” by Ali Smith

– The first installment in a remarkable quartet exploring the seasons, “Summer” delves into themes of change, politics, and the human spirit.

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