14 Irresistible Characters Who’ve Captivated Every Reader Alongside A 14-Step Guide to Overcoming Your Book Crush.

8-Set Realistic Expectations:

Remember that fictional characters are idealized versions. Real-life relationships have their complexities.

9-Analyze Your Attachment:

Understand why you’re attached to that character or story. This self-awareness can help you detach.

10-Visualize Closure:

Imagine a satisfying ending for the character’s story that gives you a sense of closure.

11-Limit Exposure:

Avoid rereading the book or watching adaptations for a while to gradually lessen your emotional investment.

12-Engage in Creative Projects:

Channel your emotions into creative projects like art, music, or writing.

13-Seek Professional Help:

If your attachment becomes overwhelming or affects your daily life, consider talking to a therapist.

14-Remind Yourself of Reality:

Remember that the character is a creation and not a real person. Redirect your emotions towards reality.

Breaking free from a book crush takes time and effort, but with patience and determination, you can move on and discover new stories and characters that capture your heart.

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