Make a Modern Reading Nook for Kids With These Easy Steps

Books are good for the soul, and canopy forts are just plain fun. So we combined both to create a playful yet stylish hideaway that encourages your little ones to ditch the TV and tablets, tuck into a good book, and let their imaginations roam wild and free. Cozy seating, good lighting, and a collection of favorite tales are the essential elements you’ll need to assemble an enchanting yet modern space where magical stories and colorful characters can come to life.

Whether in a nursery, kid’s bedroom, or playroom, a small corner of a room makes a great location for a reading nook, as it naturally encloses the space and enhances the illusion of a secret hiding spot. Add a bit of privacy and whimsy by hanging a canopy tent from the ceiling that will both soften and define the space.

Step 1

Attach the canopy to the ceiling using either a standard screw-in hook or an adhesive hook. A screw-in hook is going to be more secure, but if you are a renter or would simply prefer to not put any holes in the ceiling, an adhesive hook will do the trick. Be sure to use a heavy-duty one that can support the weight of your canopy (ours actually came with a ceiling hook that you could either screw in or stick on the ceiling).


Step 2

Hang bookshelves low on the wall so that your child can easily reach them, and fill them with their favorite books as well as some new titles to discover. We love these Flisat shelves from Ikea for their simple design, easy assembly, and ability to hold lots of books.


Step 3

Spread a soft rug or blanket inside the canopy, and then place a floor pillow on top for cozy lounging. Pile pillows of various sizes, shapes, and textures on top for extra comfort and visual interest. A few friends of the stuffed animal variety also make great company. (If you’d rather have a chair to get cozy in under your canopy, one of these hanging boho-chic chairs would be perfect.)

Tip: Keeping the color palette neutral ensures the reading nook will integrate beautifully into your home.

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