Make a Modern Reading Nook for Kids With These Easy Steps

Step 4

Natural light is lovely for daytime reading, but for those after-sunlight hours and bedtime tales, a reading light is key. Selecting a unique piece such as the starry lamp that we used (which casts a fun star pattern on the walls) lends an extra-special feeling to the space. Be sure to place the light within easy reach of the nook.


Step 5

A nearby basket filled with extra blankets and pillows ensures warmth and comfort on any cold and dreary days — the perfect kind of day for reading, if you ask us.


Step 6

Fun details like a sparkling star garland, sleepy eye decals, or dreamy art prints spark the imagination and give off a more curated vibe. Whether it be a woodland forest or an out-of-this-world adventure, this is definitely where you can use your child’s interests to really make the space their own.

Now you have all the elements in place for your child to get lost in a great book and a make-believe world. Go forth and explore, little ones!




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