College Student Is Horrified To Receive A Letter From Library Informing Her That She Has A $12K Debt For The 119 Books She Borrowed For Her Dissertation

In the Middle Ages, scientists were not in vain called “bookworms” – after all, books in those days were actually the only source of knowledge, and the more written sources a scientist used when doing their study, the more confidence the scientific community had in the resulting work.

However, some modern researchers use this principle too literally… The best proof of this is the wonderful video by TikToker @historyhan, a PhD student at Binghamton University, and a true book lover. Maybe too much so…

The student had been using many library books, hoarding them in her room for years

“The books aren’t lost, I’m just hoarding them until I finish my dissertation”

“Seriously, I’ve had the books for years lol. Not stolen, still in use. I’ve scanned lots of books, but in this case, they all came due at once! No one has requested them or I would return for sure!!! I’ve never replied to an email faster. A lesson was learned, I promise lol.”

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