This Library In Minecraft Was Built By 24 People To Fight Censorship Across The World

Highlighting an Alarming Issue

The project not only provides free access to vital information but also sheds light on a pressing problem. In 2019 alone, 39 journalists and 10 citizen journalists lost their lives, and hundreds more were imprisoned. These sobering statistics underscore the ongoing challenges journalists face in their pursuit of truth.

A Quest for Free Information

RSF’s Uncensored Library is a testament to the enduring quest for free information and the unwavering determination of journalists to speak truth to power. In a world where disinformation can manipulate and control, this library stands as a digital fortress against suppression. It symbolizes the importance of free and unrestricted access to information, reinforcing the idea that knowledge should never be silenced.


The Uncensored Library in Minecraft represents a convergence of digital innovation, social awareness, and the unwavering commitment to free speech. As it continues to grow and thrive, it sends a resounding message to all corners of the globe: the truth will find a way, even in the face of censorship. In the virtual world of Minecraft, information knows no boundaries, and journalism’s sacred duty to enlighten lives on.



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