Weapon Of Mass Instruction: An Artist’s Tank That Spreads Knowledge Through Free Books

A Library on Wheels

Inside and outside the converted Ford Falcon, shelves and nooks have been ingeniously designed to house a wide variety of books. From classics to contemporary literature, from history to science, this mobile library offers a diverse selection aimed at satisfying every literary appetite.

Redefining Warfare for a Noble Cause

Raul Lemesoff’s “Weapon Of Mass Instruction” is a symbol of his belief in the power of knowledge as a force for good. With this unique creation, he takes the battle to the streets, using books as his ammunition and reading as his weapon of choice. The non-functioning gun mounted on the turret serves as a playful reminder that this battle is against ignorance, not people.

Spreading Knowledge, One Street at a Time

Lemesoff’s literary tank is not a stationary monument; it’s a mobile oasis of learning that roams the city’s neighborhoods. Passersby are encouraged to approach, select a book that piques their interest, and engage in the simple yet transformative act of reading. The artist firmly believes that access to books can expand horizons, challenge preconceptions, and ultimately lead to a more enlightened society.

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