Man Creates A ‘Stick Library’ For All The Dogs At The Park

Dogs have an uncanny ability to find joy in the simplest of things. Whether it’s a delicious treat, a squeaky toy, or a friendly belly rub, these loyal companions are easily pleased. However, there’s one thing that captures the hearts of the majority of dogs like nothing else—sticks! No matter how big or small, canines can’t resist the allure of a good piece of wood. The best part? Sticks are sturdy, easy to carry, and provide endless entertainment when thrown by their owners.

A Crafty Idea Takes Root

In the town of Kaiapoi, New Zealand, a 59-year-old dog owner named Andrew Taylor knew this canine fascination with sticks all too well. His beloved dog, Bella, was an avid stick lover. Bella’s enthusiasm for sticks sparked a unique and heartwarming idea in Andrew’s mind—a ‘stick library’ for all the dogs in the local park.

“Our dog Bella had become a stick lover because she ripped to shreds any balls or toys,” shared Tayla, Andrew’s daughter.

The Birth of the Stick Library

Andrew, a resourceful man, had a collection of sticks after trimming trees around his house. Recognizing the value of a good stick for dogs, he decided to transform these branches into a delightful surprise for the park’s four-legged residents. He meticulously sanded the sticks to ensure they were smooth and safe for the dogs to play with. But he didn’t stop there. Andrew crafted a special box to house the sticks, and on the front, he engraved the words “Stick Library.”

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